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Learning Basic Skills Through Toys

Roma Lear and friends

About These Toys

  • Many were originally made for children with special needs
  • For easy reference they are grouped under the senses of sight, hearing and touch.
  • They are handmade, but only need average sewing or carpentry skills.
  • They can easily be adapted for individual use - made heavier/lighter, larger/smaller, or more or less challenging (make more or less pieces.)
  • They are made from easily obtainable or waste materials, so are inexpensive.
  • Many of the toys can be made by children.
  • Instant toys are made in a jiffy, Quick may take an evening, and Long-lasting will take several evenings, but the result could become a family heirloom or the favourite toy for a succession of children.
Most of the ideas come from the following books by Roma Lear, Published by Butterworth/Heinemann:
ISBN 0 7506 2522 8Play Helps
ISBN 0 7506 3895 8Look at it This Way
ISBN 0 7506 2524 4Fingers and Thumbs
ISBN 0 7506 2525 2Fun Without Fatigue

Warning: These toys have been made for individual children of known habits. A toy that may be perfectly safe for one child may be dangerous for another. The responsibility for the right choice lies entirely with the adult in charge.

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