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A Bubble Blowing Toy
Very Quick
Jo Sweeny, Hospital Play Specialist

The Story Behind this Toy

Jo visited a Science Museum in the USA where she saw children blowing bubbles as described here. She worked on an Oncology Ward where cleanliness was essential and many of the children were in bed. Instead of a yoghurt pot she used a plastic beaker (normally used for nesting and stacking) with a hole for the drinking straw drilled in the side. The terry towelling cover was edged with an elasticated ponytail band. The drinking straw was disposable and the rest of the toy could easily be sterilised. Because only the terry towelling was moistened with the bubble mixture there was no liquid to spill in the bed.

You Need

  • A yoghurt pot.
  • A drinking straw.
  • A circle of terry towelling (saucer size).
  • A rubber band.
  • A tool to make a hole in the yoghurt pot. Use a leather punch, or push a needle into the end of a cork. Hold the cork and heat up the needle in the flame of a candle. Melt out a small hole in the side of the yoghurt pot, as in the picture.


  1. Make a small hole just below the rim of the yoghurt pot.
  2. Insert the drinking straw.
  3. Cover the top of the yoghurt pot with the circle of terry towelling.
  4. Keep this in place with the rubber band.
  5. Put a little bubble mixture in a saucer.
  6. Dip the terry towelling into this.
  7. BLOW!

Recipe for Bubble Mixture

  • 2 tablespoons washing up liquid
  • 1.5 litres (1 pint) water
  • tablespoon glycerine (from the Chemist.)
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