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Colour Matching Game

This simple idea has many possible educational or therapeutic uses! The game can be played by an adult and a child, or adult and group of children. The players take turns to select an object from a "lucky dip" bag, and place it on the correct coloured cardboard square. Select the colours according to the ability of the children, and remember that you must also find the objects to match to them, so if time is short, find the objects first and then colout the squares to match them. If you want to add a whiff or education or therapy to the game you might chose some objects starting with a particular letter like fish, finger puppet, and fan (for speech therapy purposes) or for their bright colours (for visually impaired children) or for their interesting, unusual or seasonal qualities, such as a feather, a conker (seed from a horse chestnut tree) or the children's favourite in my bag, a large piece of glass picked up on the beach and worn smooth by the action of the sea. The matching objects can lead to plenty of conversation and can even be a way of bringing a little bit of the outside world to a child who is immobile and may never have the opportunity to explore the world on his own.
Note: This game is in the hands of the adult leading it, so the question of safety is up to him or her. Any interesting but suspect items must be carefully stored away at the end of the play session.

You Need

  • Squares of coloured cardboard. Paint your own. Use primary colours for young children. Increase the number of colours and squares for the more able ones.
  • A selection of items to colour match to the cards. I like to include hard fruit or vegetables occasionally. A lemon smells good. A carrot can be cleaned and shared out at the end of the game.
  • A bag to keep all the bits and pieces in.


  1. Spread out the cards. Name the colours and talk about them. Compare them to the children's clothing etc.
  2. Take it in turns to dip in the bag and pull out an object. Match it to its square and talk about it. The game ends when the bag is empty.
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Colour Matching Game