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The King of the Castle lost his Hat
I learnt this colour naming game from the children I was teaching in an Orthopaedic Ward. The teacher before me had invented it for them and it was a firm favourite for those last few minutes on a Friday afternoon. Even very young children can join in. It is similar to "I Spy With My Little Eye" but only needs a knowledge of a few colours. The chosen player says this nonsense rhyme:

The king of the castle lost his hat,
Some say this and some say that,
But I say
(said with great emphasis) Mr. Red.

The rest of the children must try to guess the red object in mind. A cushion? The curtains? Billy's tee shirt? The one who guesses correctly has the next turn. Make the game more difficult by thinking of smaller objects with more unusual colours. Mr. Black and Silver might be the knob on the TV set.
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