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Popper Balls

These colourful little felt balls are just the right size for small hands and they can be used in many ways. Each ball has a Velcro spot top and bottom, so they can be joined together to make a necklace - perfectly safe, for if another child pulls on it, it just falls apart. If you make enough they can be used for colour matching and sequencing, and of course for throwing and catching. I know one child with cerebral palsy who likes to drop them into a large cardboard box. (Excellent for "grasp and release") Note. Felt will not wash well. The colours bleed and it shrinks. For the sake of hygiene this toy is best made for one child.

You Need

  • Felt in a variety of colours.
  • Matching cotton.
  • Polyester fibre.
  • Velcro spots or Velcoins - which are slightly larger and easier to join together.
  • Card for a template.


  1. Make the template. Draw a rectangle, 6 cm x 3 cm. Mark the centre of each side with a cross. Draw a petal shape that touches all four crosses. Cut it out.
  2. Take one piece of felt. With the template, mark out six segments. Cut them out.
  3. Stitch them together, leaving a small gap at one end for stuffing.
  4. Stuff fairly firmly to make a good shape and close the gap.
  5. Stitch one half of a Velcro spot to each end - eg "rough" on the top, "furry" on the bottom.
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Popper Balls