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A Rattle Snake

Like the real thing, this noisy reptile can be heard as well as seen. The head and tail are lightly filled with polyester filling in case the child waves the snake about and accidentally hits herself. Various noisemakers are distributed among the sections that make up its body. These are separated by narrower unfilled linking strips which help to make the snake floppy and sinuous. Choose the fabric for the sections with care and the finished snake can combine textures with sounds.

You Need

  • For the snake's skin, small pieces of different fabrics for the sections and a larger piece to cut up for the linking strips.
  • A noisemaker for each section.
  • A little polyester fibre to lightly stuff the head and tail.
  • Scraps of black and white felt for the eyes.


  1. Decide on the length of your snake - say four noisy sections with a head and tail and linking strips in between.
  2. In order, lay out the fabrics you will use.
  3. Select your noisemakers and place they by their fabric.
  4. Now cut the fabrics to size. All the noisemakers will be inserted through the tail end so make sure that is large enough for them all. Each section must wrap round its noisemaker with some extra fabric to allow for seams.
  5. Next, start to construct the snake. Pin the head to the first linking section. Pin that to the first segment. Add the next linking section and so on all down the snake. Finish with the tail.
  6. Round off the head and tail.
  7. Join together in a long line, all the pieces of fabric and remove the pins.
  8. With right sides together pin along the length of the snake, matching the seams for a neat job.
  9. Sew up the snake's skin, and leave the tail open.
  10. Lightly stuff the head and stitch across the first seam that joins it to the linking strip.
  11. Stitch across the next seam that joins the linking strip to the first section. Insert the first noisemaker and stitch across. Continue in this way until you reach the tail.
  12. Lightly stuff it and finish off by hand.
  13. Add large felt eyes to the head.
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A Rattle Snake