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A Roller Rattle
Long-lasting but Quick to make

This makes a useful floor toy for a young child playing on a mat. It is colourful and will roll gently and rattle if nudged.

You Need

  • A treacle tin or similar, with a tightly closing lid.
  • A noisemaker from the list. I use a few pebbles or fish grit.
  • Scraps of brightly coloured wool.
  • A crochet hook - a fine one that will make close stitches that will not stretch.


  1. Put the noisemaker in the tin.
  2. Hammer the lid on firmly.
  3. Double crochet a circle to cover the bottom of the tin. Work straight (without increasing) until you have covered the sides.
  4. Crochet another circle for the top.
  5. Stitch this securely to the rest of the crochet cover, The tin should now be safely encased.
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A Roller Rattle