Play Helps - Scrap Books Scrap BooksThese can make excellent first picture books for all young children. It is easy to personalise them by adding photographs, or perhaps a picture cut from the box of a favourite toy. For a child with a speech difficulty add a few pictures which include the sounds he needs to practice - like "s" for scissors, snail, sausages! For a child with learning difficulties perhaps make a number or colours scrap book. Let the child help you to select the pictures.

Some Tips

  • Keep the book small. This will take less time to make and is better for children with a short attention span.
  • Make it strong. For a board book use the sides of cereal packets covered with smooth, plain wall paper or brown parcel wrapping paper. Punch holes in the sides of the board pages and tie them loosely together with string or ribbon, or use split rings. For a paper book, fold the pages in half and stitch them down the spine.
  • Stick the scraps in carefully, especially round the edges - or the temptation to "pick" will be irresistible!
  • To preserve a very special scrap book, bind the edges of the pages with Sellotape, or cover the whole page with clear sticky-backed plastic.
A Scrap Sheet
A Zigzag Scrap Book
A Tiny Scrap Book
A Colour Scrap Book
A Number Scrap Book
Rag Books

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