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A Small Pop-up Dolly

This toy was first made for a little girl with brittle bones. She needed toys that were small and light. It is not a toy for babies.

You Need

  • A plastic film carton.
  • Two wooden beads, one for the head, the other for the bottom of the handle.
  • A short length of thin dowel (or a satay stick).
  • Thin fabric for the dress.
  • Thicker fabric to cover the film carton.
  • Felt pens for the features - OR cover the head bead with fabric - tubegauze for finger dressings or a scrap of old tights - and embroider the features.
  • Scraps of trimming for decoration.
  • PVA adhesive, needle and thread and a small drill bit.


  1. Drill a small hole in the bottom of the film carton. Check that the dowel fits in it fairly loosely.
  2. Glue the head bead to one end of the dowel.
  3. Make a dress as for the Strong Pop-up Dolly, insert tiny felt hands in the ends of the sleeves and glue and bind firmly round the neck.
  4. Insert the dowel into the top of the film carton and out through the hole in the bottom.
  5. Hold the dress round the top of the film carton and check that the head pops up and down well.
  6. Glue and bind the dress to the carton.
  7. Cover the film carton with the thicker fabric.
  8. Put a lace frill round the doll's neck and decorate the carton. Perhaps make a hat for the doll or glue on some wool hair?
  9. Decorate the top and bottom of the film carton (glue and stitch) and glue the other bead to the end of the dowel.
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Small Pop-up Dolly