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A Telephone
Almost instant

Did you ever make a telephone like this when you were a child? The technology is very simple and needs no batteries! The idea was popular long before the invention of walkie talkies.

You Need

  • Two tins, with rolled edges for safety.
  • A metal skewer.
  • A fairly long piece of string.


  1. With the skewer, punch a hole in the bottom of each tin. (A job for an adult)
  2. Take one tin and insert one end of the string up through the hole and into the tin. Tie a LARGE knot that will not pull out.
  3. Attach the other end of the string to the second tin the same way.

Now two children can use the "telephone". One speaks into her tin and her partner hears her message in his. Then they can reverse the process. NOTE The string MUST be held taut. At first this can lead to a tug of war! In my experience, with a little adult help the children soon get the hang of it.
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A Telephone