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A Tunnel Pop-up Toy
Marianne Willemsen van Witsen

This is a toy for the more energetic. Given a hearty tug the ping-pong ball can travel quite a way!

You Need

  • A cardboard tube.
  • A ping-pong ball (as used in table tennis).
  • A length of wide ribbon.
  • A bead for the end of the ribbon.
  • PVA adhesive.
  • Scissors, or a craft knife for adult use.
  • Decoration for the tube - paper, paint, cloth etc.


  1. Cut a horizontal slit in the tube, like a letterbox, fairly near the top.
  2. Thread the ribbon into the tube, up, and over the rim. Stick it down the entire length of the "back" of the tube. (It will need to withstand plenty of pulling.)
  3. Thread the free end of the ribbon through the bead and tie a knot.
  4. Wait or the glue to dry, then try out the toy.
  5. Put the ping-pong ball inside the top of the tube and press it down slightly. The free end of the ribbon will shorten.
  6. Hold the tube in one hand, and with the other, give the ribbon a sharp tug. The ball should shoot out of the top.
  7. Decorate the outside of the tube.
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A Tunnel Pop-up Toy