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A Zigzag Scrap Book

This makes a change from the usual book form and can be as short or as long as you please. In the days when I taught in a hospital school I would give a child an old dress pattern book and a pair of scissors so that she could cut out people to represent her family, and write a sentence or two about everyone. One adult or child would be mounted on each page of the zigzag book. Some children would finish quite quickly, others would include aunts, uncles, cousins and even neighbours. Their books would stretch right across their bed tables!

You Need

  • Sheets of fairly thick paper or thin card so that when joined together they will stand up.
  • Pictures to mount - cut from old magazines, mail order catalogues etc.
  • It is good to give the zigzag book a theme. The one illustrated just shows some simple pictures for a young child. Older children like to give their zigzag book a theme such as "In the Street", "Animals", "Getting About", (pictures of various forms of transport) "Going on Holiday" (start with a suitcase from a mail order catalogue and add the holiday gear.)
  • PA adhesive or a Pritt Stick


  1. Fold each page nearly in half. There should be an overlap of about 2cms on one side of the fold.
  2. Bend this overlap back and use it to join the first folded sheet to the next one.
  3. When you reach the end of the book just cut off this overlap so that all the pages are now the same size. It is wise to decorate the pages before you join them together. Working this way you can stop when you have had enough!
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A Zigzag Scrap Book