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Colour Dominoes

One of our toy library families was about to have a holiday on a caravan site. The party included two children with learning difficulties. The weather forecast was not promising so Mum was prudently visiting the toy library to stock up with toys and games for indoor use. On the "Help Yourself" table she found one of the domino-making kits I had originally devised for my own children. It consisted of the simple ingredients below and had kept my children happily occupied for a whole afternoon. I hope it did the same for the caravan party!

You Need

  • A packet of Blick labels -large, self-adhesive white circles, sold in most stationers.
  • Some rectangles of card.
  • Felt pens. The family above might just stick to the primary colours. Others might be more adventurous and include fawn, navy blue, cerise etc.
  • A box or strong envelope for keeping all the pieces in.


  1. The children colour the Blick labels in pairs - two of each chosen colour. (Repeat the colours to make as many pairs as you want.)
  2. Line up the rectangles of card in a row, like carriages in a train.
  3. Take the first one. Leave the left hand side blank, and stick a coloured spot to the right hand side.
  4. Take the next rectangle. Stick the matching spot to the left side. Stick one of a different colour to the right side.
  5. Continue in this way until all the pairs of spots are used up. The right hand side of the final rectangle should be blank.
  6. Note. If the game is not just a pleasant activity for a wet afternoon, but is going to be played many times it is worth protecting the pieces with clear sticky-backed plastic.

To play the game

  1. Put all the dominoes, face down, on the table.
  2. Share them out among the players.
  3. The first player puts a domino, right side up, in the centre of the table.
  4. The next player puts down a domino with a spot matching one of those already on the table and pushes the matching ends together.
  5. The third player adds his domino to the row, and so on until all the dominoes have been used.
  6. If a player does not have a colour to match to either end, he must miss a turn.
  7. If you want a winner it will be the child who puts down all his dominoes first.
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Colour Dominoes