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Play Helps
Cup and Ball Game from South Africa

You Need

  • A plastic milk bottle.
  • A ball - newspaper or woolly as above.
  • Connecting string.
  • Old scissors, a craft knife (adults only) or a pair of Snips to cut the bottle.
  • A wool needle and some thick wool (or use it double) to protect and decorate the cut edge of the bottle.
  • Possibly a dab of glue if you replace the bottle top.


  1. Cut the milk bottle, roughly in half. You only need the part with the handle.
  2. Make a ball in newspaper or wool and check that it fits easily in the cut end of the bottle.
  3. Leave a "tail" of wool and oversew all the way round the cut edge. Sew back the opposite way to cross over the first stitches. Cut the wool and tie it to the "tail".
  4. Assuming the ball is on a long length of string, poke the free end into the milk bottle "cup" and out through the top. Tie it to the handle. If you replace the cap, stick it on with a plastic glue (e.g. U-hu)
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Cup and Ball Game from South Africa