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Miniature Pop-up Dolly
Very Quick

This ephemeral little novelty toy can come in handy as a diversion on a long journey or as a tiny surprise for a sick child. We keep a few on the top shelf in the toy library and where suitable give one to a new member, or a birthday child. One has even been known to distract a child from making a rumpus!

You Need

  • Two tiny (individual portion) milk cartons from the Motorway Services etc.
  • A lolly stick.
  • A small circle of card for the head.
  • Felt pens.
  • PVA adhesive or a small blob of Blutac.
  • A craft knife (adults only).
  • Optional extra - small scraps of coloured paper to make a mosaic pattern on the milk cartons. Makes the toy look more special and adds to its strength.


  1. Put one milk carton inside the other. One used on its own is too flimsy.
  2. Cut a slot in the bottom of the cartons for the lolly stick.
  3. Make a face on the circle of card.
  4. Glue or Blutac the face to one end of the lolly stick.
  5. Insert the other end of the lolly stick down through the slot in the cartons.
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A Miniature Pop-up Dolly