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Cup and Ball Game using a Yoghurt Pot

You Need

  • A yoghurt pot.
  • Decoration for the outside - felt and trimming, or perhaps scraps of coloured paper stuck on mosaic fashion. This adds to the strength and appearance of the toy.
  • A ball - made from newspaper or wool.
  • String, or a crochet chain - a short length for beginners, a longer one for the more skilful.


  1. Decorate the yoghurt pot.
  2. Make a small hole, fairly near the top, for one end of the string.
  3. Make a small ball with newspaper or wool.

    For a newspaper ball,
    • crunch up about half a sheet into a nice round shape.
    • Check that it will fit easily into the yoghurt pot.
    • Wrap it in kitchen foil to give it some sparkle and glamour.
    • Keep it in good shape by binding round it once with a length of button thread or thin string. Tie the ends together, but do not cut.
    • Continue to bind tightly round the ball as though making lines of longitude on the globe, or marking out the sections in an orange.
    • Tie the ends together again.
    For a woolly ball,
    • cut two circles of card, say 8 cm diameter.
    • Cut a hole in the centre of each, about 1.5 cm diameter.
    • Hold the circles of card together and hold the end of the wool against the circles with your thumb.
    • Wind the wool over the edge and up through the centre, gradually binding all the way round the circle. It looks a bit like a ring doughnut at this stage.
    • As the hole gradually fills up you will need a needle threaded with wool to finish the job.
    • Hold the ring to your eye. If you can't see through the centre the binding is finished.
    • At one point on the circumference, snip the wool until you come to the cardboard.
    • Poke the scissors between the two circles of cardboard and continue to snip until all the wool has been cut.
    • Gently edge the circles of cardboard apart, then with a length of thin string, tightly bind round the wool between the card circles. Tie a tight knot, leaving a long end of string to attach to the yoghurt pot.
    • Snip the cardboard circles and pull them away.
    • Fluff up the ball and trim it to fit easily into the yoghurt pot.
    • Tie the free end of the string to the yoghurt pot.
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Cup and Ball Game using a Yoghurt Pot